Fazeley Town Hall Gets Gas Central Heating

Fazeley Town Hall

The final phase of work has begun on Fazeley’s Town Hall this week.

After successfully bidding for £12,000 of section 106 money from Lichfield District Council, Fazeley Town Council is now installing gas central heating in the 116 year old building.

This is the last in a long list of work carried out on the Town Hall by Fazeley Town Council.

Since August 2009, Conservative controlled Fazeley Town Council has redecorated the Town Hall from top to bottom, purchased new windows for the building, installed a new disabled toilet, invested in a new kitchen, turned the Heathcote Room, which was nothing more than a dirty store room, into a working office that has been used by the town’s MP, Christopher Pincher, and opened the Jones Room on the first floor, which was also a store room full of junk.

Cllr Andrew James, Leader of Fazeley Town Council, said, “After taking control in 2007, we drew up a five year plan to both restore and update the Town Hall and I am pleased we are now in the home straight of our marathon.

“Without this grant the Town Council would have been able to install central heating in the whole building and we are all very grateful to Lichfield District Council for giving us the funds to pay for this important project.”

It is anticipated that, once installed and working fully, the new gas central heating with reduce the Town Council’s current expenditure on the Town Hall’s utilities.

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