First Steps to Fitness

After being diagnosed diabetic and losing weight, I’m off to the gym to try and lose more weight and get fit.

Back In 2009 I was diagnosed suffering from type 2 diabetes due to being severely overweight, having been given the choice of tablets or diet I opted for diet and reduced both sugar level and weight.

To help my continuing battle against both my diabetes and weight I have taken the bold decision to get a referral to allow me to attend the Borough Council run gym located at the Tamworth Activity Centre in the Castle Grounds.  The referral allows users to attend for 12 weeks for free.

My aims for the 12 weeks are to lose weight, keep my sugar level down and build up my fitness.

Day 1 induction day: Wednesday 8 February 2012
I attended my first session at the gym, blood pressure checked – normal, weight checked – not good I’ve put on weight, there’s my first target.  After a quick tour of the gym, a program was initiated starting with the treadmill followed by squats, biceps curls, exercise bike and then finishing back on the treadmill.  I was also asked if I wanted to go on the cross trainer and rowing machine but I politely declined.  After a brisk workout, the first session went well and I’m booked in for my next session.

Day 2: Thursday 9 February 2012
Back at the gym and after a chat with management, my programme has been changed from the bike to the rowing machine.  After saying no thanks yesterday, I decided to give it a go and rowed 500m, not bad for my first go.  Another good session completed and booked in for next week and hopefully an increase in my programme.

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