Week 2 in the Gym

Tuesday 14 February 2012
Week 2; trainers, shorts, football shirt and towel in the sports bag, along with a new pair of headphones purchased for some private music time, so here I go off to the gym again.

Headphones on, with Faithless blasting out, let’s start the warm up on the treadmill, a gentle 5mins then up the pace for another 10mins.  Treadmill done and now for some bicep curls and squats, shoulders a bit stiff but can’t stop, now for the Rowing machine now, that should get the heart pumping.  I did 500m last Thursday so I’ll up it to 1,000m, no pain no gain!  This is taking a long time to get to the finishing line, oh dear I set the machine to 10,000m not 1,000m and 10 instead of 5, I should have worn my glasses, but on the plus side I rowed 2,300m (1½ miles) and I’m still alive at the end of that.  Back on the treadmill again for 10 more minutes, can’t give up even after that rowing marathon, and finish off on the bike for 5mins.

Session over, feeling very hot but good and booked in for more pain and gain tomorrow!

Wednesday 15 February 2012
Day 5, I’m still alive and back in the gym!

A quick discussion with the management team about my programme and onto the treadmill to start, headphones on and here I go.  First 5mins on the treadmill is up from 4.5km to 5 km p/h.  Now to raise the incline to 2m and speed up to 5.5km for a further 8mins.  Time for some squats and more changes, I’m on the weight machine for the first time doing bicep curls.  Curls done, onto the rowing machine and let’s make sure I get the settings right this time; 2,000m and level 5, ready steady go!  Finished, soaked with sweat, 2,000m in 13.32mins, no idea if that’s good or bad but I have my first on the correct settings.  Back to the treadmill for 10 more minutes, 5.5km p/h 2m incline, the sweat is pouring but I’m focused on the music.  Into the home straight and onto the bike, level 4 for 5mins and then a final 2½ min warm down.

Finished and booked in for my next session.

Thursday 16 February 2012
Feeling a bit stiff today but it’s not going to stop me going to the gym.

Changed and onto the treadmill with my music playing, the knee is pulling a bit but got to keep going, I’m not giving up.  20 squats and a quick rest while I wait for the weight machine to become free; it’s a busy gym today.  More bicep curls added to my programme, another quick rest and a drink of cold water.  The rowing machine is now empty, level 5 and 2,000m set, the knee is still aching but the time looks good so can’t stop.  Finished and 12 minutes, a personal record, when will I learn it’s a marathon not a sprint.  Oh well got to keep going, back on the treadmill for 10mins and last 5mins on the bike to finish.

Done!  Another chat with the management and onto the scales, wow I’ve lost 3lbs in the first week, the pain is definitely working.

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