Week 3 in the Gym

Tuesday 21 February 2012
Week 3 and I’m off to the gym.

Headphones plugged in with Dizzy Rascal playing this time, so onto the treadmill for the warm up.  The management have upped my programme so it’s 4.5km p/h for the first 5mins then up to 5kmph for another 10mins with a 2m incline.

That got me warmed up; now for the weight machine and 40 bicep curls and 20 shoulder raises with the rope.  Onto the rowing machine, got to make sure I’ve got it setup correct, I wonder if I can get near last Thursday’s time of 12 minutes dead, only one way to find out, let’s go for it.

Done but unfortunately no new record today, did it in a decent 12mins 40 seconds, that’s my second best time so not complaining too much.  No time to rest have to keep going, where’s the big ball for the some squats?  Found it, here we go then, 20 squats it is.

I’m definitely warm now, back on the treadmill for another 10mins at 5.5km p/h and up the incline to 2.5m.  Almost done, just the bike left now, 5mins on this at level 4.

Finished very hot but feeing good and booked in for tomorrow.

Wednesday 22 February 2012
Whatever we plan, we can never plan for the unexpected.  Had to cancel today’s session in the gym due to a personal issue, so let’s hope Thursday is an easier day.

Thursday 23 February 2012
Back in the gym after having to cancel yesterday, so let’s see how I go after my day off.

It’s busy in here today; I should have brought a newspaper.  A treadmill is finally free so I can start with my 5min warm up then up the pace for 10 more minutes.  Onto the weights for 40 bicep curls, and a change to the programme, 20 triceps.  Now 20 shoulder raises with the rope.

Onto the rowing machine, let’s see how this goes.  The time is looking good, dam my phone is ringing where’s the pause button?  Phone off and back to the rowing.  Finished, wow a new personal record 2,000m in10mins 57seconds.

Back to the treadmill for 10mins and the last 5mins on the bike to finish.

Done!  Quick sit down and onto the scales, yea another 2.2lbs lost, not bad considering I had to cancel yesterday.

A final chat with the management, booked in for next week and now time for home.

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