Week 4 in the Gym

Tuesday 28 February 2012
Week 4 and I’m still here. Changed with my music on and ready to start so let’s get going on the treadmill. Warm-up for 5mins at 4.5km p/h, now up the pace to 5km p/h for 8mins with the incline up to 2.5m.

Now for the weights, and another increase in my programme, 80 bicep curls, 20 tricep pulls at 18.75kg, and 20 shoulder raises with the rope. Now for the rowing machine and another increase from level 5 to level 6. Finished and 2,000m in 12.12mins, not bad for level 6. Time to stretch the back and bend the knees with 20 squats with the large ball.

Now to try the cross trainer for the first time, got it set for 5mins so let’s go. Stop! In words of Little Britain’s Andy Pipkin, “Don’t like it!”

Back to the treadmill for 10mins at 5.5km p/h and 2.5m incline and finish on the bike for 5mins.

Done and done!

Wednesday 29 February 2012
Back again no pain no gain. Warm-up on the treadmill for 5mins at 4.5km p/h and now for another increase in the programme 5km p/h for 10mins.

Onto the weights, 80 bicep curls, 20 tricep pulls and 20 shoulder raises with the rope.

Done and onto the rowing machine, 2,000m in 11.54mins now 20 squats.

10 more minutes on the treadmill, that’s got the blood is pumping and the finish line is close just got the bike left and up the programme from 5 to 7mins. Finished! See you tomorrow.

Thursday 1 March 2012
It’s time for the last session of the week so let’s get going.

Not many in today, so let’s get going. Another change to the programme, the warm up on the treadmill has been upped to 5km p/h, so its 5mins then up the incline to 2.5m for another 10mins.

The weights now, no change to this part, so it’s 80 bicep curls, 20 triceps and 20 shoulder raises with the rope.

Ooo the Simpson’s are on now, I’ve seen this one before so I’ll keep the headphones on and carry on listening to my music. Rowing machine now, level 6 and 2,000m set, ready steady go. The sweat is pouring out but no time to stop to dry off; the clock is ticking so I’ve got to keep going. Finished, no new record to finish the week off but a good time of 12mins 1 second so I’m happy.

Now for 20 squats and back to the treadmill for 10mins, incline up from 2.5m to 3m and now finish off with 7mins on the bike.

Done! Scales time, great more weight lost, 2½lbs that’s great it’s going the right way.

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