Week 5 in the Gym

Tuesday 6 March 2012
I’m ready for a new week in the gym, so off I go.

Start with the warm-up on the treadmill at 5km p/h, now up the pace to 5.5km p/h for 10mins with the incline up to 3m.

That’s got me warmed now onto the weights, 80 bicep curls and 20 tricep pulls and another change in the program, the rope has been replaced with 40 side raises using 2 x 2.5kg weights.

Done, so now to the rowing machine and another change, last week I was going for 2,000m in a fast time, now its 15mins flat out so let’s see how far I go.  Where’s the towel, I’m drenched but very happy with 2,327m.  Now stretch the back now with 20 squats against the wall with the large ball.

Think I will have a go on the step machine, or the monster as it’s called in the gym.  5mins set so let’s go.  STOP!  Don’t like this one, oh well I tried it.

Back on the treadmill for 10mins at 5.5km p/h and 3m incline, the heart is now definitely beating so onto the bike for 7mins to the finish line.  Finished!

Wednesday 7 March 2012
Hello Gym!  Changed and ready to go.  Start on the treadmill, 5mins warm-up, now up the pace for another 10mins.

Weights now, 80 bicep curls, 20 tricep pulls and 40 shoulder raises with the 2.5kg weights.  The shoulders are aching but can’t stop now it’s the rowing machine, 15mins – 2,306m, not as far as yesterday but it will do.

Back to the treadmill for 10mins, 5.5km p/h and 3m incline, ouch, this doesn’t feel good, the knee is aching but go to keep going.  Finished but in pain so no bike today, not worth injuring myself too much.

Thursday 8 March 2012
Sports bag packed with clean kit and headphones and no aches in the knee feels so gym here I come.

Let’s get the music playing, ready steady, go!  Warm-up on the treadmill 5km p/h for 5mins, now raise the incline and speed to 3.5m and 5.5km p/h for another 10mins.

A quick drink of water before the weights, no more changes here so its 80 bicep curls, 20 triceps and 40 shoulder raises with the weights.

Onto the rowing machine, wow a new personal record 2,502m.  No stopping now, 20 squats, back to the treadmill for 10mins and finish off with 7mins on the bike.

Jump on the scales to see how I’ve done, yea I’ve lost more weight, only 1lb but it’s coming off and that’s what matters.

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One Response to Week 5 in the Gym

  1. Allan says:

    Well done Andrew
    your efforts are an inspiration to us all, if you can do it so can I
    thanks for the motivation

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