Children’s Health in Tamworth Goes Under the Microscope

Healthy eating in schools, breakfast clubs and provision of play areas are just some of the issues a Tamworth Borough Council committee will be investigating during the coming months.

The Healthier and Safer Scrutiny Committee, which is made up of councillors from both sides of the political arena, took an in-depth look at children’s and young people’s health at its meeting last week.

And as a result, the committee will be looking at which schools currently offer breakfast clubs for its pupils.  It will also approach Staffordshire County Council in a bid to encourage other schools to run them, where possible.

The committee will also be asking whether there is any help available to teach parents how to cook healthy meals on a budget.

Cllr Andrew James, Chairman of the Healthier and Safer Scrutiny Committee, said, “Addressing the health of young people and children in Tamworth is one of the council’s key priorities and it is something which we, as a committee, take very seriously.

“A balanced diet is essential for children and we believe schools have a role to play.  Some schools already offer breakfast clubs and cookery classes, which help to ensure their pupils get the most important meal of the day.  We are keen to find out what is currently offered and if this can be rolled out to more schools across our town.

“Similarly, we want to make sure new parents are offered help and advice on how to cook healthy food, to make sure their children get the best start in life.”

Cllr James added, “We will be talking to a number of organisations in the coming weeks and months to see what is available, and as a result, we will make recommendations to ensure Tamworth’s youngsters are given as much help and support as possible.”

The committee also said it would be looking at how many play areas there are across the borough and areas where provision is lacking, as well as looking at ways it can support the food bank in Tamworth.

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