Less Than Two Weeks to Apply for Primary Schools in 2013

school admissionsParents and carers in Tamworth looking for a primary school place in September 2013 have less than two weeks to get their applications in.

Staffordshire County Council’s admissions team have an excellent track record of helping parents with admission to school.  Last year, 91 per cent of parents received their first choice of primary school with a total of 97 per cent allocated one of their top three preferred schools.

This is despite rising birth rates across the borough making it even more difficult to allocate preferred places.

This year, parents are being encouraged to choose three preferred schools when filling in their applications, to ensure they have the best chance of being allocated one of their top three schools.

The deadline for submission is 15 January 2013.  Parents are encouraged to make use of the online admissions process, which is now the preferred method of receiving applications for primary schools, although paper submissions are still available.

County Councillor Ian Parry, Cabinet Member for Education, Finance and Transformation said, “Year on year, the majority of parents are allocated their first choice school, and we are constantly above the national average for allocating parents one of their top three preferred schools.  We know this is important to parents, and we do our very best to accommodate them as much as possible.

“Because of this, we need all applications as soon as possible and definitely by 15 January 2013 as a lot of work goes into organising the process.

“Having so many people apply online is great, as this is something we encourage in the interests of speed and efficiency.  It also means parents no longer have an anxious wait for the post to arrive when they use this method, since an email will be received on national offer day 22 April 2013.”

Anyone who wishes to apply for a primary school place for their child in September 2013 can log on to www.staffordshire.gov.uk/education/Admissions.

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