PCC Welcomes Plans to Cut Re-offending

Matthew Ellis 04Staffordshire’s Police & Crime Commissioner (PCC), Matthew Ellis, has welcomed plans announced by the Secretary of State for Justice, Chris Grayling MP.

The plans for prisoners serving shorter sentences to receive compulsory rehabilitation supports the work in Staffordshire that has been ongoing over the last two months since the PCC was appointed.

Prisoners serving less than 12 months currently only undergo voluntary rehabilitation, otherwise they are released without supervision with £46 in their pocket.

Matthew Ellis said, “Too many communities which have local problems find that when certain individuals have been convicted and imprisoned the problems reduce or even cease but the problems start again after release and the ‘cycle’ of criminality often starts again until the next time.

“Re-offending levels are too high and, whilst Staffordshire has one of the lowest re-offending rates in the country, I believe we can still do better.  The positive work that’s already being done in the county on integrated offender management will give us an excellent starting point.

“The majority of imprisoned Staffordshire offenders get short-term sentences.  Making them do compulsory rehabilitation, subjecting them to better supervision and giving them some structure to their lives can help us cut crime and make communities even safer.

“I have ambitious plans to transform criminal justice services in our county.  I want to join up services, pool budgets and set joint priorities.  My three-year vision is for Staffordshire to have the most integrated criminal justice system in the country – better serving victims and protecting communities.

“I’m passionate about, and committed to, public service delivered through a joined-up ‘Team Staffordshire’ approach and I want people across the county and City of Stoke-on-Trent to see the positive difference that the role of Police and Crime Commissioner will make in delivering this.”

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