Christopher Pincher Calls for Debate on Traineeship Programme

Christopher Pincher MP 21Yesterday in the House of Commons, Christopher Pincher, MP for Tamworth, called on the Leader of the House to hold a debate on the Government’s new traineeship programme.

Mr Pincher said, “Some 1,080 people from Tamworth started apprenticeships last year.  May we have a debate in Government time on the new traineeship programme so that we can explore how we can further help young people successfully to compete for jobs and avoid the welfare trap that all too many of them endured under Labour?”

The Leader of the House, Andrew Lansley, replied, “Yes, I hope we might find an opportunity, by one route or another, for further discussion of the announcements made by the Minister for Schools.  Traineeships are a welcome addition to the armoury, so to speak, to ensure that all young people get access to the right skills and that all employers find young people in this country who have appropriate skills and attitudes in order to go into work.

“My hon. Friend is right.  Since the election, more than a million people have started apprenticeships.  The budget has been increased, and even where apprenticeships are not appropriate, through the youth contract work experience and other support to the young people who most need skills have been growing under this Government.”

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