Body Cameras for Staffordshire Police Officers

police body cameraStaffordshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner has announced body cameras are to be given to more than 1,000 police officers in the county to capture criminal evidence on film.

Matthew Ellis, said about £100,000 would be spent to issue the equipment to all frontline officers.  The cameras are the size of a mobile phone and clip on to police vests.

Mr Ellis said, “The cameras will be extremely useful in gathering evidence which can be submitted to court.  I think there’s a great advantage in officers having these cameras; it means they are safer and able to capture incidents such as anti-social behaviour.”

He said the cameras would be given to all officers out on patrol, including police community support officers and specials, after a successful trial.

Mr Ellis said he believed the cameras were “good value for money.”

He said, “As police office numbers go down I want to see more individuals patrolling so that we spread officers out more and I think that body cams are an excellent additional means of police officers having some extra protection.  This will pay for itself many times over in the future and above all it’s about modernising Staffordshire Police and making the most of technology.”

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