Local MP Calls for Statement on NHS Care

Christopher Pincher MP 21Yesterday in the House of Commons yesterday, Tamworth’s MP Christopher Pincher, called for a statement on NHS care in Staffordshire.

Staffordshire born Mr Pincher said, “May we have a statement on the approach to care in the Staffordshire NHS cluster?  My 22-year-old constituent, Thomas Berry, suffers from spinal muscular atrophy, which means that he cannot do very much for himself, but the cluster wants to change his care plan, against his wishes, the wishes of his carers and the advice of his doctor.

“That could have a material impact on his health, yet the cluster is not even able to tell me whether it thinks it might have an impact on his health.  May we have a statement so that we can question Staffordshire’s approach to care, including the apparent refusal of the chief executive and the head of continuing care to answer MPs’ questions adequately?”

Andrew Lansley MP, the Leader of the House, replied, “I know that the chief executive of the Staffordshire primary care trust cluster would be very willing to meet my hon. Friend to discuss this matter, if it would be helpful.

“Obviously I cannot enter into a discussion about his constituent, but the general point he makes is that the whole object of care plans is for them to be agreed between the patient, their family and their clinicians.”

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