Vote UKIP, Green and Independent and Get Labour Control

norfolk county councilControl of Norfolk County Council has changed from to Conservative to an alliance lead by the Labour Party thanks to the votes of UKIP, the Greens and Independent members.

Labour, the Lib Dems, UKIP and one Independent have voted to rule jointly and restore a formal committee system and Labour leader George Nobbs has agreed to head the council for one year while the current cabinet system is replaced.

Conservative leader Bill Borrett said he was extremely concerned, as the group appeared to have no policies.

Green Party leader Richard Bearman said his party would not commit to a formal agreement but would co-operate.  He said, “We’ve voted for a council leader but have not joined any alliance or coalition.  We will look at things on an issue-by-issue basis.”

The three major parties proposing to take power said in a joint statement the cabinet system meant decisions were made by 10 or fewer people chosen by the council leader.

This proves beyond any doubt that a vote for UKIP, Greens and Independents brings Labour Control.

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