Tamworth Pub Has Alcohol Licence Revoked by Borough Council

no alcoholThe Amington Inn located in Bolehall, Tamworth has had its licence revoked by Tamworth Borough Council’s Licensing Sub Committee.

On September 4th the committee heard Staffordshire Police had found at least 36 breaches of the Amington Inn’s licence during the last two years. Staffordshire Police highlighted the number of concerns and had given the Designated Premises Supervisor numerous opportunities to rectify them.

These included: evidence of heavy drug use during drug swabbing, no drug policy in place, the premises licence not been displayed, no exit signs, no procedures in place in the event of a fire, and no acoustic seals.

In addition, the police reported they had been called to four reports of disorder in a two-month period.

Shahed Miah and Zoynal Uddin both hold a premises licence for the Amington Inn. They are also co-premise licence holders of Jobas takeaway in the town centre, which had its licence suspended for three months in June, due to excessive licence breaches.

After reviewing police evidence, the committee took the decision to revoke the licence for numerous breaches of the Licensing Act 2003.  This was in order to: promote the prevention of crime and disorder and public safety, the prevention of public nuisance and the protection of children from harm.

Councillor Andrew James, chairman of the Licensing Sub Committee, said, “This decision sends a very clear message; if you breach your licence and repeatedly ignore requests to put it right, we will revoke it.

“The evidence put before the committee by the police including some very serious issues such as drug use, incidents of violence and a disregard for the regulations laid out in the Licensing Act, which exists to keep people safe and prevent crime and disorder.”

Police evidence recorded, “Our evidence confirms the licence holders have over a two-year period flouted and have a total disregard for their current conditions on their premises licence and the licensing objectives. The documented evidence confirms they are not capable of adhering to the current conditions placed on them, due to the violence experienced in the bar area of the premises, there are also clear public safety issues at the premises.”

Under licensing legislation, the proprietors now have 21 days to lodge an appeal against the decision. Until this time, the Amington Inn can continue to trade.

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