Crime Put Under the Scrutiny Spotlight

AntiCrimePolice operations run from Tamworth Borough Council’s CCTV centre, early intervention in domestic violence incidents and projects run by Tamworth’s Community Safety Partnership, are just some of the ways violence is being tackled across the borough.

Tamworth Borough Council’s Healthier and Safer scrutiny committee took an in-depth look at community safety and work underway to help tackle domestic violence and violent crime.

Chief Inspector Donna Gibbs attended the meeting and discussed the issues with the committee, which is made up of councillors from across the political spectrum.  Chief Inspector Gibbs reported that incidents of violence remain in single figures each month, and discussed the operations Tamworth’s Community Safety Partnership, which includes the police and council – have in place to reduce these further.

These include: running weekend operations from the CCTV centre, ‘Safer Nights’ which see an increased police presence in the town and Operation Take Home, targeting underage drinkers.

The committee also heard how all reports of potential domestic violence are recorded, to help the police detect patterns at an early stage.  The police are also looking to do more work in schools, as research shows domestic violence is learned behaviour.

Cllr Andrew James, chairman of the Healthier & Safer committee, said, “While violent crime and domestic violence is relatively low in Tamworth, we know the fear of the crime is still an issue.  We wanted to take an in-depth look at these issues and see where we could help make an impact in reducing these incidents further.”

The committee did raise concerns about the lack of alcohol advisory services working in the borough, as alcohol is a contributory factor to violence.  As a result, the committee will be asking Tamworth Borough Council’s Cabinet to liaise with Staffordshire County Council to prioritise alcohol support services in Tamworth.

In addition, new anti-social behaviour legislation is likely to come into force next year, which the committee will be discussing in the new year, to see what impact it could have on the borough council and wider Tamworth Community Safety Partnership.

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