Burton Hospitals Apologises for Car Park Disruption

Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust logoIn October, Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust introduced a new automatic number plate recognition system in hospital car parks.  Since the introduction of the new system, the Trust has received a number of complaints from patients and visitors.

Helen Ashley, Chief Executive at Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust said, “I would like to sincerely apologise to patients and visitors for the disruption the new system has caused them and to assure the public that we are undertaking an immediate review.  We understand that visiting hospital can be an anxious time and so we want to ensure people’s visit to hospital goes as smoothly as possible.

“We are continually listening to feedback and are aware that the system installed doesn’t meet the needs of our patients and visitors.  We also recognise that the machines do not notify people of the time they have arrived or how much they need to pay which has resulted in a number of patients and visitors being given parking charge notices through no fault of their own, which is wholly unacceptable.”

She added, “Whilst the review of the car parking system is underway, the Trust will not issue any parking charge notices to patients where an attempt to follow correct payment has been made.  If people have received a parking charge notice and do not feel it is justified please submit an appeal via www.parkingeye.co.uk/appeal or call 0844 247 2982 so that the circumstances can be investigated further.

“If following this process you are still unsatisfied please contact 01283 511511 extension 5359”.

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