Partnership Helps Homeless People to Find Homes

TBCAn initiative, which brings together private sector landlords and a housing trust to provide housing for 18 to 35-year olds, is being supported by Conservative controlled Tamworth Borough Council.

The council has been given a share of £500,000 by the Department for Communities and Local Government to address homelessness, particularly as it affects single men.

As part of the drive to tackle homelessness, the authority is working closely with Derventio Housing Trust, a housing association that helps find housing for people who are homeless or experiencing housing problems.  Derventio works with private sector landlords to encourage them to lease out their homes for a period of three to six years.  The homes are then rented out to single homeless people who have been referred by Tamworth Borough Council.

Cllr Michael Greatorex, Cabinet member for Housing, said, “There is a great need for affordable rented accommodation in Tamworth, and a lot of people who can be helped by a project like this.

“This scheme is a welcome addition to all the hard work which is happening in the borough to address the growing need for rented housing.  I would encourage private landlords to sign up to this very worthwhile project.”

One of the first landlords to sign up to the scheme in Tamworth is Jeff Jones, who has just signed a three-year lease with Derventio to rent out his four-bedroom property.

He said, “Setting up my first three-year lease with Derventio was a simple process which has enabled me to do my bit to help with the homeless problems in Tamworth, while knowing that my income from the property will be protected.  I am now looking for other properties which would be suitable to lease to the scheme.”

Tamworth Borough Council and Derventio are now urging other landlords with properties in the borough to sign up to the scheme, which provides them with a regular rental income, as well as helping to tackle housing need.

Phil Rowland from Derventio Housing Trust said, “We are looking forward to working in Tamworth and providing a much-needed service to people in housing need.

“What is especially good about working in Tamworth is the level of help, support and assistance we have had from the borough council, who understand what we are trying to do to alleviate homelessness.”

Landlords who would like to find out more are asked to contact Housing Strategy Team Leader Claire Keeling on 01827 709469.

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