Tamworth’s MP Condemns Proposed MPs Salary Rise

Christopher Pincher MP 22Following this week’s announcement that the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) will be recommending that MPs salaries should be increased by 11%, Tamworth’s MP Christopher Pincher spoke out against the proposals.

Mr Pincher said, “I cannot see how this increase can be justified in this time of continued austerity.  IPSA have promised a further consultation before any change is implemented in two years so rightly it will be looked at again.”

IPSA was set up in the wake of the expenses scandal in 2009 to take MPs remuneration decisions out of their own hands.  It acts independently of Parliament and its decision follows a consultation and review of MPs pay and conditions.  It has promised that its proposals will not be implemented until after the General Election in 2015 and it will open up its recommendation for further public consultation before any final change is made.

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