Staffordshire’s PCC Funds Scheme to Help Stop Re-Offending in Tamworth

Matthew Ellis in the shadow of fellow Conservative Sir Robert Peel, the founder of Britain's modern Police force

Matthew Ellis in Tamworth

Lives Released, a Lichfield-based community chaplaincy scheme to help people leave lives of crime, is expanding to Tamworth using a grant from Staffordshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner’s Proceeds of Crime Fund.

Lives Released has supported ex-offenders across Lichfield district through mentoring and befriending since its launch in July 2012.  It has two community chaplains who give practical advice on budgeting, life and work skills, family issues and training in an effort to reduce re-offending.

A £5,000 grant has been given to Lives Released to fund the chaplaincy work as it expands to support ex-offenders in Tamworth.

PCC Matthew Ellis is ensuring that 100 per cent of funding received by Staffordshire Police from proceeds of crime seizures is going back to local communities.

The Proceeds of Crime Fund (formerly known as the Local Policing fund) is supporting projects in conjunction with local policing teams and local authorities.  It is made up of assets and money seized by police from criminals in Staffordshire under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

Mr Ellis said, “For the first time, 100 per cent of funding that comes back to Staffordshire Police from proceeds of crime seizures is going directly to local communities.

“Tackling the root causes of crime that lead to re-offending through exciting projects like Live Released is absolutely crucial.  The evidence is clear that reducing repeat offending, and in some cases ‘breaking the cycle’ which is often generational, really works, not just in short-term, but for years to come.”

The scheme’s Executive Finance Officer Geoffrey Parkinson said, “We are currently working across Lichfield district and this money will support our work as we launch in Tamworth.”

Bids for funding from the PCC’s Proceeds of Crime Fund had to demonstrate a clear connection with reducing crime and fit into one of the Commissioner’s four priority areas: intervening early, putting victims first, preventing offender and re-offending, and improving public confidence.

For more details on Lives Released ring 07582 360889 or 07729 883822 or email

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