Conservative Party Pledges to Continue Cutting Deficit

money UKThe Conservative Party will continue cutting Britain’s spending deficit; its Scottish members are to be told.

UK Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude will make the pledge during a speech in Edinburgh later.  He will tell the Scottish Conservative Party conference that a Labour government threatened to undo that.

Mr Maude will say the Westminster administration has been working to get the economy back on track by cutting billions off the public spending deficit.  He is expected to tell delegates that even more savings are to be announced.

The Conservative politician will argue his party’s approach is in stark contrast to what Labour would do if they won at the polls in just over a year’s time.  Mr Maude will tell the conference that, in its first 10 months, the UK government saved £3.75bn.

He will add, “I look forward to announcing even bigger savings later in the summer for this financial year.  Just think how much better we’d be placed in the global race if, when Ed Miliband was in my job, he’d done some of this.

“If instead of plotting with his alter ego Ed Balls to knife, first, Tony Blair, and then his own brother, he’d bother to start cutting the waste.  If instead of pandering to Labour’s union paymasters, he’d driven up public sector productivity.

“That’s real Labour.  The same old Labour.  Think what you’d get if Labour got back into Whitehall.”

The Scottish Conservative conference was opened on Friday by Prime Minister David Cameron.  He told the gathering that Scottish independence would tear apart the UK “family of nations.”

Voters in Scotland go to the polls on 18 September when they will be asked the “yes/no” question: “Should Scotland be an independent country?”

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