At Least Two Schools in Tamworth Affected by Industrial Action Tomorrow

school closuresAt least two schools in Tamworth will be partially closed tomorrow, 26th March, due to industrial action being taken by teaching unions.

The parents of children in nursery, reception, class 4/5M and class 2/3YW at Amington Heath Primary School & Nursery are being told not to send their children to school and the children in classes 3K, 4L, 4SB, 6H, 6S, 6V at Dosthill Primary School are being told to stay away due to six teachers taking strike action.

Parents wondering if their local school will be affected can visit, where Staffordshire County Council is providing up to date information to help plan around any disruption and minimise inconvenience to families.  The website is updated directly by head teachers, so parents will be able to access the most up-to-date information on their child’s school in the quickest way possible.

Added to this, a mobile version of the school closures list can easily be viewed on smart phones and tablets, helping parents on the move or those without PC access to get the latest information.

County Councillor Ben Adams, Cabinet Member for Learning and Skills said, “We have been working closely with senior managers to prepare for the forthcoming strike, to help to minimise disruption and potential risks for young people, the public and those staff who will be working normally.

“Looking at the school closure list online will give parents a clear indication of which schools will be wholly or partially affected by the industrial action taking place.  Closure notifications are still coming in, but we know from the previous action in October last year that whilst some schools may close fully, there will be many others who will only be partially closed with few year groups affected.

“The online list is updated the moment we receive notification of a closure, so parents can be sure they are getting the most up-to-date information possible and children’s education can continue to be delivered.”

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