Trust and CCG Confirm Sir Robert Peel Hospital is Staying Open

Sir Robert Peel Hospital

Sir Robert Peel Hospital

Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and South East Staffordshire and Seisdon Peninsula CCG this week confirmed that there are no plans to close Sir Robert Peel hospital.

The announcement, in reply to a question out by Cllr Andrew James, came at the Healthy Staffordshire select meeting, which took place in Stafford on Tuesday morning.

Following reports that certain services currently in place at Sir Robert Peel hospital are to end the Trust and CCG, which commissions health services for Tamworth, were called to meet with the members of Staffordshire County Council’s Health select committee to give details on the proposed changes and answer questions from the committee.

Cllr James asked if Sir Robert Peel hospital is be closed and Mark Powell, Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, and Rita Symons, South East Staffordshire and Seisdon Peninsula CCG, both told the packed room that there are no plans to close the hospital.

Cllr James then asked if the Trust will issue a public statement will be issued confirming that there are no plans to close the hospital.  Both the Trust and CCG agreed to the request and Mr Powell also apologised on behalf of the Trust for the lack of public communication.

In response to the announcement of the closure of the theatre and transfer of operations away from Sir Robert Peel, Cllr James asked what percentage of the operations could be carried out in GP’s surgeries across Tamworth and Jim Hollingworth, BHFT, said that approximately 40% of the operations could be moved to surgeries as they only required a local anaesthetic similar to the majority of procedures carried out daily in dental surgeries.

When asked what new services could be moved to the hospital, the committee was told that pressure ulcer clinics could take place there.

Mr Powell confirmed that a report on the plans for the future of Sir Robert Peel hospital is will be presented to the BHFT Executive Management Board next week, although, he was unable to say when the report will be made public.  However, he did state that following next week’s meeting, meetings between the Trust and the public will be set up to ensure full dialogue and engagement take place as of the consultation on Sir Robert Peel hospital.

The Healthy Staffordshire committee also agreed unanimously to be part of the consultation on the hospital.

After the meeting Cllr James said, “Having listened to the answers to all of the questions and the proposals being put forward by both the Trust and the local CCG to increase usage of the facilities, I am reassured that the future of Sir Robert Peel hospital is secure.”

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