New Plans for Former Golf Course go on Show

Tamworth golf courseA blueprint for new housing, open space, additional parkland, a new school and a nature reserve on the former golf course were unveiled this week at a number of public events.

The draft plans reveal approximately 40% of the site will be green open space; it will feature Tamworth’s first community woodland, which is as big as eight rugby pitches or the size of the Castle Grounds, and Hodge Lane Nature Reserve will be extended by 7 hectares.

And the plans also show that trees will screen the new development from existing homes; in some parts of the site these will be up to 40 metres wide, helping to protect existing residents’ views.

The drop-in sessions in Amington and the town centre were held to showcase the draft master plans for the former golf course, encouraging people to leave feedback and also ask questions of the consultants who have helped draw up the plans.

As well as showing what the new development could look like, the events also revealed the benefits the project could bring to Tamworth, including creating up to 200 full-time construction jobs; increased spend in Tamworth of up to £26 million, a third of which would be spent locally, helping to support health, education, retail and leisure services.

As well as asking people for feedback, the events aimed to allay residents’ fears that the land would be over-developed. The plans are also featured on the Council’s website and include a facility to feedback online until November the 2nd.

Other benefits include:

  • 2.6 miles of new cycle paths and pedestrian access connecting the development to the town and into the countryside
  • 10.4 hectares of green networks
  • A new primary school with associated fields and facilities
  • High quality homes including in the region 200 affordable homes
  • Screening for existing homes with green corridors along the outside and through the site
  • A new commercial centre with potential for a shop, pub/restaurant

All feedback received will all be taken into consideration before the planning application is submitted.

A number of documents were also available to people attending such as the environmental study, information on the colliery site, draft highways studies and noise reports. These were all done by independent organisations and not carried out by Tamworth Borough Council.

The events were part of the ‘pre-application’ process; they are not formal plan or options for the site, but a master plan to show what future development could look like.

All residents living in the vicinity of the former golf course and local businesses were sent a letter to inform them and invite them to the three events taking place.

Cllr Steve Claymore, Cabinet Member for Economic Development, said, “These events are a fantastic opportunity for people to see the draft plans for the redevelopment. The master plan shows very clearly how the site could be laid out; with parkland, a nature reserve, housing and also cycle paths throughout.

“I hope these events help to reduce people’s concerns and give a better idea of what we are hoping to do.

“At this stage no planning application has been submitted and no developer chosen. When we do submit the official outline planning application, residents and other interested parties will get six weeks to have their say on the proposals.

“It is important for residents to remember that Tamworth Borough Council will be putting certain conditions on the site when we sell it. This will ensure any developers will have to adhere to these, including providing open space and parkland for Tamworth residents to enjoy.”

  • An outline planning application is likely to be submitted towards the end of this year or spring 2015
  • At this stage, the public will be consulted for a further six weeks to comment on the plans before it goes to Tamworth Borough Council’s Planning Committee
  • The plans and associated reports for the pre-planning stage can all be seen on Tamworth Borough Council’s website.
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