Christopher Pincher Calls for Better Use of Robert Peel Hospital

Chris Pincher MP Robert Peel Parking Petition 02Tamworth’s MP, Christopher Pincher, has spoken up in Parliament for better use of the facilities at Sir Robert Peel hospital.

During the first Health Questions of the new Parliament, he called on Departmental ministers to back him.

He said, “Burton hospital trust and the Heart of England foundation trust are discussing how they can make better use of the facilities at the Sir Robert Peel hospital.  Will colleagues on the Treasury Bench encourage both trusts to make better use of the facilities, provide new facilities and services at the hospital, and make sure that local people are properly consulted?”

The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Health, Ben Gummer MP, responded, “It is a particular pleasure to see my hon. Friend returned to the House.  He will be aware that local commissioning decisions are the responsibility of local commissioners, which is something that this Government will continue, as per our reforms in the last Government.  I am making it expressly clear to NHS England that I expect consultations to be full and proper and to engage everyone in the local community.”

Afterwards Mr Pincher added, “We all know the NHS must keep up with the times and with new demands for treatments.  I hope both our local trusts will work together to provide the care and the support that local people need.  The NHS will get its extra £8billion, which its management says it needs.  It must now ensure it delivers for patients.

“I will be meeting with executives from both trusts in the coming weeks and I will make these points to them.”

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