Vandals Attack Tamworth’s BMX Track

Tamworth Borough Council is seeking the identity of mindless vandals who have repeatedly attacked Tamworth’s BMX Track.

The free to use track is located on Deltic open space by Torc Campus, off Silver Link Road. It is used by hundreds of local kids every week.  Vandals have pulled up a large section of the tarmac on the start mound, meaning less bikers can race on the community track.  The attacks are believed to have happened several times in the last two weeks.

The track was built using a £50,000 grant from Groundwork UK, following successful bud submitted by Tamworth Borough Council, the Belgrave Residents Association and Tamworth BMX Club.

Cllr Robert Pritchard, who led the BMX track project, said, “If anyone has any information about who has done this please contact Tamworth Police.  This track is a fantastic community facility and we will not tolerate any vandalism of it.

“It’s not the financial cost that is hardest to deal with, but it’s the impact on the BMX club and the use of the track.  The track was built to give local kids something to do and it has proved very popular. Perhaps instead of damaging the track the attackers should get involved.  The club will even lend out bikes to people wanting to try out BMXing.”

The estimated repair costs are at least £300 and anyone with any information about the attack is encouraged to contact Staffordshire Police non-emergency line on 101.

The repairs will be rushed by Tamworth BMX Racing Club in order for the track to ready for the Summer Holidays.  If anyone wants to get involved in BMX you can find out more at the Tamworth BMX Racing Club Facebook Page.

The BMX club is seeking to hold more activities onsite and have received a grant of £9,000 from Sport England to enable them to start a new club night for local 14 to 25 year olds.  The funding will also enable the purchase new bikes, helmets and transport for the club.

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