Tamworth Partnership Pledges Zero Tolerance on Motorbike Nuisance

motorbike nuisanceTough action is being taken to crack down on nuisance motorbikes throughout Tamworth; with the Community Safety Partnership promising that any bikes found being ridden illegally will be seized and crushed.

Complaints about bikes being illegally ridden on roads, footpaths and public spaces account for eight per cent of all anti-social behaviour calls to the police in Tamworth and are a major concern for people whose lives are affected by the danger and nuisance of bikers.

Tamworth Community Safety Partnership, which includes the police, PCSOs, Tamworth Borough Council Community Wardens, Community Development Officers and Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service, has mounted a tough response to the problem, which involves the seizure and destruction of any bikes found to be ridden illegally.

Operation Motocrush is an ongoing operation, which targets the hotspot areas where nuisance motorbikes are known to be an issue.

Thousands of leaflets have been printed and are being delivered to homes around the hotspot areas, pointing out the penalties for the illegal riding of bikes and calling on the community to help catch the offenders.

The operation will continue throughout the year and police have warned that there will be zero tolerance for illegal riding of motorbikes.  Anyone caught, or spotted on CCTV, riding a bike without a valid licence, insurance, tax and MOT will be prosecuted and have their bike seized and crushed within 28 days.

To raise awareness of the issue, the Community Safety Partnership will have a stall at the We Love Tamworth event in the Castle Grounds on Saturday August 22, where they will be handing out the Operation Motocrush leaflets and giving advice.  It is also hoped there will be a crushed motorbike on show, to highlight what can happen to an illegal bike.

Cllr Stephen Doyle, Tamworth Borough Council Cabinet member for Communities & Public Health, said, “These illegal motorbikes are not just anti-social, they are also dangerous to both the riders and members of the public.  Riding these bikes on footpaths and in parks and open spaces can lead to injury and sometimes even death, so we are taking tough action to put a stop to the problem.”

Members of the public are also being urged to join the fight against illegal bikes by reporting them to the police.

Cllr Doyle continued, “If you know of anyone who owns a bike which is being illegally ridden on the roads, footpaths or public areas, please inform the police, PCSO or street warden and they can take action to seize and crush that bike.”

Anyone who would like to report an illegal motorbike is asked to contact the police non-emergency number, 101, Tamworth Borough Council on 01827 709709 or ring Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 to report information anonymously.

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