Tamworth’s MP Questions the Prime Minister on the UK’s Negotiations with the EU

Christopher Pincher MP 22At yesterdays PMQ’s in the House of Commons, Tamworth’s MP Christopher Pincher asked the Prime Minister for confirmation that no options are off the table in respect of the negotiations on the UK’s reformed relationship with the European Union.

Mr Pincher said, “As he begins his negotiations on our reformed relationship with the European Union in earnest, will my right hon. Friend confirm to our partners and the British people that no option is off the table and that all British options will be considered, including the option of a relationship such as that of Norway if it is negotiable and in our interest?”

The Prime Minister replied, “I can certainly confirm to my hon. Friend that no options are off the table.  As I have made clear, if we do not get what we need in our renegotiation I rule absolutely nothing out.

“I think that it is important that as we have this debate as a nation we are very clear about the facts and figures and about the alternatives.  Some people arguing for Britain to leave the European Union, although not all of them, have pointed out a position like that of Norway as a good outcome.  I would guard strongly against that.  Norway pays as much per head to the EU as we do and takes twice as many migrants per head as we do in this country, but has no seat at the table and no ability to negotiate.

“I am not arguing that all those who want to leave the EU say that they want to follow the Norwegian path, but some do and it is very important that we are clear in this debate about the consequences of these different actions.”

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