Council’s Scrutiny Committee to Look at Plans to Make Tamworth ‘Dementia Friendly’

dementiaPlans to help and support people with dementia and their carers by making sure Tamworth is a ‘dementia friendly’ borough are set to be discussed at a meeting of the Healthier & Safer Scrutiny Committee this week.

The Alzheimer’s Society’s Dementia Action Alliance co-ordinator for the West Midlands will be attending the meeting at Marmion House on Thursday February 4, to outline the national framework for a dementia friendly borough and what Tamworth needs to do to achieve dementia friendly status.

Working towards and achieving dementia friendly status in Tamworth will help to provide the best possible services to vulnerable members of the community, as well as raising awareness of dementia.

Members of the Healthier & Safer Scrutiny Committee met with representative of the Alzheimer’s Society last week, where it was agreed that one of the first steps towards achieving dementia friendly status would be for the committee to talk to families of dementia patients to find out what the major issues they face are.

Cllr Andrew James, Chairman of the Healthier & Safer Scrutiny Committee, said, “Dementia in its many different forms is becoming a major issue in both Tamworth and across the whole of the UK.  A recent report on dementia said that one in three babies born in the UK in 2015 will get dementia at some point during their life and current health figures show there are 40,000 younger people with dementia in the UK.

“It is important that Tamworth is dementia friendly over the coming years and Tamworth Borough Council’s Healthier and Safer scrutiny will make the maximum effort required to ensure the Borough is fully compliant with the recognition process for dementia friendly communities, as laid down by the Alzheimer’s Society.”

He added, “It is important that both the public and private sector in Tamworth are dementia friendly and the Council’s Healthier & Safer Scrutiny Committee will work closely with the Alzheimer’s Society and the various NHS Health Trusts which cover Tamworth and the Clinical Commissioning Group to reach the target of dementia friendly status.”

Cllr Simon Goodall, Vice-Chairman of the Healthier & Safer Scrutiny Committee, said, “Dementia in its many forms touches so many lives and this is set to rise as diagnosis rates increase in future years.  As a Borough Council, we should look to actively promote dementia awareness in all aspects of the town’s services and facilities.

“With the Healthier & Safer Scrutiny Committee taking on this challenge to look at dementia, it will provide a strong voice to enable this.”

The Healthier & Safer Scrutiny Committee meeting takes place at 6pm on Thursday February 4 at Marmion House in Lichfield Street.  The meeting is open to members of the public to attend, although they will not be able to speak at the meeting or ask questions.

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