New Website Launches to Encourage Better and Safer Young Drivers

www_newdrivers_infoA new campaign to help reduce the number of road collisions involving newly qualified drivers has been launched by the Staffordshire Safer Roads Partnership.

Research shows  that one in five newly qualified drivers is involved in a road traffic collision within the first six months of passing their test.

The  new campaign and website at is packed full of useful advice for learner drivers and their parents. People can get advice on choosing a good driving instructor along with useful tips for parents when practising with their child in the family car.

Downloadable guides with hints for first-time car buyers and finding the most appropriate insurance are also available for free.

Being a safe young driver is about more than passing their test.  It is about having the experience in different situations and having the right attitude about driving.  Parents are also well placed to help them and the new website will guide them through everything they need to know to help their child be a better, safer driver.

Top tips from the website include:

  • For parents, spend as much time as possible sitting with your child as they practice their driving in the family car. It’s essential that they get in as much practice as possible, but this must be alongside professional tuition, not instead of it
  • Encourage your child to invest in some post-test training
  • When your child buys their first car, with or without your help, explain to them how a newer car needn’t cost a lot more than something older which will cost much more to run – and which will be much less safe.  Newer cars have more tech that helps to prevent crashes, but in the event of a collision a newer car will protect your child that much more
  • When choosing car insurance, steer your child towards a telematics (or black box) policy. Not only can this save them a lot of money very quickly but it could also make them a safer driver
  • Driving too fast, taking drugs or drinking alcohol can all lead to carnage and it’s the same with using a mobile phone or not wearing a seatbelt. These are known as the Fatal Five and it’s key that you spend time talking to your child about these dangers

People can find out more about the campaign at: or visit for more information on road safety in Staffordshire.

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