Tamworth Councillor Launches Petition against the Arkall Farm Proposals

Arkall farm developmentCllr Robert Pritchard, ward councillor for Spital and Deputy Leader of Tamworth Borough Council, has launched a petition allowing local residents to object to the controversial Arkall Farm development.

The petition on change.org is called “Stop Lichfield District Council and Barwood building 1000 houses on Tamworth’s borders.”

In February 2016, an application was re-submitted to Lichfield District Council to build 1000 houses on the Arkall Farm site to the north of Ashby Road (B5493) just outside Tamworth’s boarders.  This application was originally submitted in 2014.

Campaigners believe there are many problems with the proposed development, but in short, if permitted it will:

  • Create unsustainable levels of traffic into Tamworth, creating massive queues and delays for residents.  When the Ashby Road has been temporarily blocked during rush hour in the past, it has caused a queue over 3 miles long within minutes.  Capacity reports undertaken by all local councils show the Ashby Road cannot take more houses than those already approved
  • Be a building site for 10 years or more, bringing construction traffic, pollution, delays and a visual eyesore to the area
  • Cause additional flooding risk to on Syerscote Lane and Tamworth
  • Forever change the character of the countryside to the North East of Tamworth for those that already live and work there

This application will have a huge impact on Tamworth but the site is in Lichfield, meaning Tamworth residents have no say in the planning decision.

The developers are doing surveys and assessments to justify their development, but whatever they present to the committee, the decision will be taken void of any local democratic representation.

Cllr Robert Pritchard said, “This is wrong, local people deserve a say on this important issue.  We need a huge public outcry against this proposal so the developers and Lichfield District Council know how unpopular this development is.

“Please sign the petition and make it clear to the developers and Lichfield District Council they can’t bulldoze the greenbelt around Tamworth and think they can get away with it.”

Many residents have raised concerns with local councillors about the Arkall Farm development, located just over the border in Lichfield District.

Cllr Pritchard added, “This is just what happened with the recent Browns Lane Development.  I remain completely opposed to the Arkall Farm development and I submitted a detailed objection to the development when this saga began.  I, my fellow Cllr John Chesworth, and Tamworth Borough Council remain opposed to this proposal.”

Tamworth Borough Council has since approved its local plan, on evidence checked and approved by the national Planning Inspector.  It shows that the “Ashby Road Corridor” cannot take more houses than are already approved without being overwhelmed by traffic.  This information is publicly available on the Tamworth Borough Council website in the local plan section.

Click here to sign the petition, which lodges your objection with Lichfield District Council and the developers automatically.

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