Celebrate St George’s Day at Tamworth’s Castle Grounds on Saturday

St George's Day - Tamworth Castle Grounds

St George’s Day – Tamworth Castle Grounds

Excitement is growing for this year’s spectacular St George’s Day celebrations in Tamworth’s Castle Grounds complete with a medieval joust and an interactive dragon puppet.

The St George’s Day extravaganza is always one of the highlights in Tamworth’s events calendar.  Previous year’s celebrations have attracted more than 10,000 people and the event has even been held up in Parliament as a shining example of how to celebrate England’s patron saint when it was hailed as ‘renowned throughout the country, if not the world’.

The free events takes place on Saturday April 23 from 10:30am until 5pm and the full timetable of Activities is below:

  • 10.30am -11.00am: Mythbusters (Jousting Arena)
  • 11.00am -11.30am: Arming the Knight (Jousting Arena)
  • Interactive Dragon Puppet (Upper Lawn)
  • 11.30am -12.00pm: Medieval Skirmish (Jousting Arena)
  • 12.00pm -12.45pm:The Grand Medieval Joust (Jousting Arena)
  • 1:00pm -1.15pm: Mayor Unveiling Carved Stone (Ladybridge)
  • 1.00pm -1.20pm Tamworth Scouts ‘Renewal of the Promise’ Parade, (from Holloway along Market Street into Castle Grounds to Pavilion Cafe.)
  • 1.00pm -1.30pm: Interactive Dragon Puppet (Upper Lawn)
  • 1.30pm -2.00pm: Medieval Fashion Show (Jousting Arena)
  • 2.00pm -2.30pm: Medieval Shire Court (Jousting Arena)
  • 2.30pm -3.00pm: Hurried History (Comic Tales for Children) (Encampment)
  • Interactive Dragon Puppet (Upper Lawn)
  • 3.00pm-3.45pm: The Grand Medieval Joust (Jousting Arena)
  • 4.00pm -4.45pm: Medieval Battle (Jousting Arena)
  • 4.30pm -5.00pm: Interactive Dragon Puppet (Upper Lawn)
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