Warning to Residents to be Alert to Distraction Burglaries

AntiCrimePolice are warning residents to remain alert after an increase in reports of bogus official burglaries, which are also known as conmen or distraction burglaries.

This is when the offenders approach dwellings usually occupied by elderly people, and gain entry to their homes to steal cash and valuables.

There was an incident reported yesterday in Tamworth where unknown offender approached an elderly occupant and stated that they needed work doing to their fence and which would cost £120 and the owner agreed to pay.  While the owner went to her bedside cabinet to get the cash to pay the offender followed her to the room.  A large amount of loose cash was in the same cabinet.  Next day the owner found out all the cash was missing.

There are numerous methods the offenders use, including bogus water board officials, bogus builders, roofers or gardeners and bogus police and council officials.  Sometimes they present dressed as workmen, sometimes in suits, and it can be any combination of male and female offenders.

Please consider whether you or your relatives are keeping large amounts of cash in the house, and whether this is the best place for it.

If you’re answering to someone at your front door, make sure the back door is locked first, and remember, if in doubt, shut them out.

Please report suspicious activity to the police, by dialling 101.

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