Consultation Launched into Distribution of Big Lottery Fund

Big Lottery FundThe Minister for Civil Society, Bob Wilson MP, has the announced today the start of a 12 week consultation to help guide the policy direction for the Big Lottery Fund and is welcoming views from the public.

The consultation seeks opinions on the Fund’s distribution of National Lottery money across England and programmes covering the whole of the UK.

The Big Lottery Fund receives 40% of the £1.8 billion ‘good causes’ money generated through the National Lottery each year. This amounts to around £700 million annually to improve lives throughout the United Kingdom. It is the single largest funder of UK civil society, and as such supports charities and voluntary groups in strengthening local communities.

Minister for Civil Society Rob Wilson said, “The Big Lottery Fund is a vital national institution that contributes to the fabric and well-being of communities up and down the UK.  The consultation will respect and reflect the Fund’s own commitments and priorities, in combination with the government’s commitments and priorities, to help create a more compassionate society.”

Cabinet Office consulted extensively with the Big Lottery Fund, and with the Devolved Administrations on the UK-wide directions, before publishing them today.

Views are particularly welcome from members of the public, customers, stakeholders and partners of the Big Lottery Fund.

Once all responses have been considered the government will again consult the Fund on how best to amend the directions, before a final version will be issued in autumn 2016.

The consultation will close on 12 August 2016.

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