Borough Council Cabinet Expands as Projects Increase

TBCA new portfolio has been added to Tamworth Borough Council’s Cabinet, as the number of major projects to improve Tamworth and make life better for residents continues to grow.

Following the local election earlier this month, a number of changes have been made to the roles and responsibilities of the portfolios and the size of the Cabinet has been increased from five members to six.

Cllr Daniel Cook remains Leader of the Council, while Cllr Robert Pritchard retains the position of Deputy Leader.

A new portfolio for Environment & Culture has been created, which will be filled by Cllr Joy Goodall.  The new portfolio includes responsibility for environmental management, waste & recycling, Tamworth in Bloom, leisure & tourism, arts & events and sports development.

Announcing the new cabinet, Cllr Daniel Cook said the new portfolio was being added due to the increasing workload from the growing number of major projects currently underway in Tamworth.

He said, “Tamworth Borough Council is committed to its long-term vision for the regeneration of the whole of the borough and there are a number of very big projects at various stages, all aimed at improving the quality of life for Tamworth residents.  This means that all members of the Cabinet have seen their workload increase hugely, so it was time to redraw the portfolios and reassign some responsibilities.

“The creation of a sixth portfolio dedicated to environment & culture shows how committed we are to taking all of these vital projects forward, especially in term of our commitment to improving the quality of our recycling, reducing residual waste and promoting and enhancing our arts and events programme and the regeneration works currently underway as we develop the Enterprise Quarter.”

Cllr Cook added, “I am delighted to welcome Cllr Joy Goodall to the Cabinet, as her work as Chair of the Aspire & Prosper Scrutiny Committee has shown that she is a hugely able and dedicated councillor.”

Major projects during the coming year include the retendering of the housing repairs contract, the redevelopment and regeneration of Tinkers Green and Kerria, the development of the Enterprise Quarter, Tamworth’s membership of the West Midlands Combined Authority, work to reduce waste and increase recycling and the redesign of customer services.

The full Cabinet and responsibilities are:

  • Cllr Daniel Cook: Leader of Tamworth Borough Council and Chair of Cabinet and Portfolio – Performance, financial planning, strategy and reputation
  • Cllr Rob Pritchard: Deputy Leader and Portfolio – Assets & Finance
  • Cllr Steve Claymore: Portfolio – Regeneration
  • Cllr Stephen Doyle: Portfolio – Communities & Wellbeing
  • Cllr Michelle Thurgood: Portfolio – Housing Services
  • Cllr Joy Goodall: Portfolio – Environment & Culture
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