Be Sensible and Use Common Sense: Pokémon Go Advice from Staffordshire Police

Pokemon GoPeople in Staffordshire are being warned to stay safe and take steps to protect their personal data when playing Pokémon Go, the latest online gaming craze.

Staffordshire Police is also urging people to take into account personal safety if going to locations that are unknown to them that could, potentially, place themselves in a vulnerable situation.

In addition, people are also being urged to use common sense and sensible judgement and not to go to places and locations they would ordinarily not got to on a day to day basis, such as hospitals or A&E departments.

Literally millions of gamers across the world are downloading the app which uses your phone’s clock and GPS to detect where you are in the game and make Pokémon appear around you on your screen so you can find and catch them. If gamers move around, more types of Pokémon will appear according to the time and your location.

Officers are urging players to remember the real world when catching Pokémon by issuing the following top tips:

  • Remember, don’t make yourself vulnerable – don’t be tempted to take your phone out in busy or unlit areas where you could be a target for thieves
  • Always concentrate on any dangers around you and be especially careful when crossing the road – look where you are going and what is coming, don’t just focus on your mobile phone
  • Never play the game when driving as this is a criminal offence and you will be prosecuted if caught
  • Ensure that you don’t trespass on private property

For more information and advice, please visit the Get Safe Online website.

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