New Council Homes on Former Garage Sites Given Go-Ahead

house buildingSeven new homes for rent are to be built by Tamworth Borough Council on former garage sites in Coton Green and Glascote, the first new council house building in Tamworth since the 1970s.

Two new detached houses will be built in Bloomfield Way, with two semi-detached bungalows and three two-storey townhouses in Cambrian.

The plans were approved, subject to a number of conditions, at Tuesday’s meeting of the Planning Committee.

The decision to demolish a total of 63 garages across the three sites and build seven council homes to rent marks a historic first for Tamworth Borough Council, which has not built any new houses in the borough since the 1970s.

A successful garage redevelopment programme was launched in 2011, in partnership with Bromford Carinthia Housing Association and Waterloo Housing Group.  Twelve former garage sites were redeveloped into affordable housing, creating 54 new homes for households in need.

However, in the latest phase of garage redevelopment approved on Tuesday, the new homes will be completely run and managed by Tamworth Borough Council, marking the first new council house building in Tamworth since the 1970s.

A consultation was held in December, when residents were invited to go along to an exhibition at the Carnegie Centre and give their views on the plans for the garage sites.  Some of their feedback was taken into account and used in the design of the new homes and the delivery of the housing schemes.

Cllr Michelle Thurgood, Cabinet member for Housing Services, said, “Providing safe, warm and affordable homes for people in Tamworth is one of our top priorities and this ongoing project to redevelop under-used garage sites throughout the borough is helping us to increase the stock of affordable housing for rent.

“I am delighted that Tamworth Borough Council is once again building affordable houses for rent for those people who need them the most.”

The decision to redevelop a number of council-owned garages for housing was taken by Cabinet in November 2015, when eight under-used garage sites were identified as being potentially suitable for the building of council homes.

In addition to the sites at Bloomfield Way and Cambrian, under-used garages at Kirtley in Glascote, Ferrers Road in Bolehall, Broadsmeath in Kettlebrook and Chestnut Avenue in Gillway have been earmarked for council house building.

Tamworth Borough Council has been reviewing its garage sites over a number of years.  The sites designated for disposal were chosen based on a number of reasons including under-occupancy, being uneconomical to repair and antisocial behaviour.

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