Health and Safety at Wembley Stadium has Gone Mad

plastic bottle topI am all in favour of safety but after my first visit to the new Wembley Stadium yesterday to watch England play Malta, I can honestly say that health and safety at the stadium has gone mad.

With my ticket secure in my pocket, I approached the turnstiles to be greeted by a steward holding a metal detector nothing unsafe there and totally understandable.  After that check, I went through the turnstiles to be greeted by more stewards standing behind tables to carry out bag checks, again totally understandable.

The steward went through my bag and pulled a half-drunk bottle of diet fizzy pop.  What happened next was not what I expected.  He then said that he must remove the top from the bottle to stop me from throwing the plastic bottle top in the crowd and he offered me a plastic glass to pour my drink into.

I was surprised at this, but I did not argue and as the bottle was already over half drunk, I finished it off there and put the empty bottle into a bag for litter at the side of the table.

When I eventually got to the top of the stadium, my surprise turned to complete shock and horror as I walked past several people drinking alcohol from glass bottles.

I would like to point out I did not see anybody drunk inside the Stadium and I lay no blame on the steward who checked my bag or the bar staff who were selling the glass bottles of beer, that were doing their job.

My finger is pointing directly at the senior management of Wembley Stadium who say it is acceptable to allow the sale of glass bottles of beer inside the stadium but it is not safe to allow plastic bottles in with the plastic tops on.  Especially as all glass vessels are on Wembley Stadium’s list of prohibited items that must not be brought within the Ground.

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