Is It Time for a New Bus Station in Tamworth

tamworth-bus-stationIt’s thirty two years since the bus station in Corporation Street in Tamworth closed and was turned into a car park and the buses moved to Corporation Street and Victoria Road.

The idea at the time had its merits, the bus station was old and moving the buses from the southern side of the town to Victoria Road made it easier for residents to get to the shops.  I remember all of these changes because my dad, Brian James, helped design the new taxi rank when it was decided to move the buses onto Corporation Street.

Thirty two years on, perhaps it is time to bring back one bus station to Tamworth.  Can you imagine trying to direct a visitor from Corporation Street to Victoria Road to get a bus to the southern side of Tamworth?  “Walk down there to end of Corporation, turn left and walk along Church Street till you get to Colehill and then turn right and walk down the hill then turn left at the bottom of Colehill.”  Unless they know Tamworth’s town centre they won’t have a clue.

Whereas, having one bus station will be easy, “You want that bus stop over there!”

The easy thing would be just to move all of the buses to one street in the town centre but a bus station will bring income in to its owners.  Bus stations across the UK charge the bus companies for every departure, whereas, road side bus stops like those in Corporation Street and Victoria Road in Tamworth do not bring in any income.

Yes, substantial investment would be required to build a new station, but the right piece of land in the town centre could be developed into a bus station with a multi story car park, cafes and other small shops to bring in more income and make it pay over time.

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