People Affected by Teen Pregnancy Asked to Join in Survey

TBCAn in-depth survey into teenage pregnancy in Tamworth has been launched – and residents who have experience of the issue are being invited to take part and share their views and experiences.

The survey has been created by Tamworth Borough Council’s Healthier & Safer Scrutiny Committee in an attempt to build up an accurate picture of teenage pregnancy in the borough.

The issue is being look at by a working group of the scrutiny committee which has drawn on a number of sources of information, including figures and statistics, national studies and local service provision and roles.

The group is now appealing for input from residents of the borough with first-hand experience of teenage pregnancy to share information and has launched the online survey to allow the information to be shared anonymously.  The survey is aimed at anyone who has been a teen parent and parents of teen parents and none of the questions are compulsory.

The survey – which has already had 50 responses – can be found at  All the responses received before the end of January will be considered by the working group, along with all the other information collected, when the committee presents its final report to cabinet in February 2017.

Cllr Jeremy Oates, lead member of the teenage pregnancy working group, said, “We are looking at this subject because tables show that Tamworth has high levels of teen pregnancy compared with other places nationally and locally.  Councillors felt that the borough council needs to have a clear picture as to what teen pregnancy actually means in Tamworth.”

“Work has been done on this in the past by a number of agencies and it is our intention to pull this together to create an accurate picture of the true situation in Tamworth.

“Not wishing to pre-empt the results, there are many assumptions and prejudices surrounding teen parents and we hope we can get some good data to investigate these.  Being the father of teenagers, this is a subject which is very close to my heart.”

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