Optimistic About Future of Sir Robert Peel Hospital

Sir Robert Peel hospital

Sir Robert Peel hospital

Last Monday (16 Jan), I attended Staffordshire County Council’s Joint Health Scrutiny Accountability Session with Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, and I have to say that I was very surprised not to see any opposition Councillors from Tamworth especially as the meeting had a 30-minute slot for questions from the public.

You would have thought that as the future of the Sir Robert Peel hospital has been questioned so much, the councillors who have been so vocal would have jumped at the chance to question Burton Trust’s Chief Executive in public as I did.

If they had turned up they would have heard Helen Scott-South say that the Trust are in talks with local GP’s to enhance the services at the Sir Robert Peel, including more out-patient services and more diagnostic services including more x-ray and endoscopy.

The meeting was told that the Trust are also looking to install a blood fridge at SRP, which could lead to more day case surgery such as gallbladder operations that currently cannot take place there. Also, the opening of a GP surgery at the Peel is part of the talks between the Trust and local GP’s.

Having attended the meeting and heard what the Trust had to say, I am a lot more optimistic about the future of the Sir Robert Peel than some of the other elected members of Tamworth Borough Council.

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