Calling All Knitters – You Can Help People with Dementia

The Tamworth Dementia Action Alliance and Cllr Andrew James are inviting knitters in Tamworth to pick up their needles and use their craft skills and creativity to help people with dementia.

As part of its ongoing commitment to raising awareness of dementia and working towards making Tamworth a dementia friendly community, the Tamworth Dementia Action Alliance – of which Tamworth Borough Council is a member – has launched a campaign to encourage people throughout the borough to knit Twiddle Muffs, which will be distributed to people with dementia and organisations, which help them.

Twiddle Muffs are double thickness hand muffs, which have buttons, bows, pompoms, zips and other bits and bobs attached both inside and out.  Some have pouches and pockets for hankies.  People with dementia often have restless hands, and the Twiddle Muffs provide something to occupy their hands, as well as providing visual, tactical and sensory stimulation and helping to reduce anxiety.

Kind-hearted knitters of all abilities are now being sought to create their own Twiddle Muffs and donate them to the cause.  A pattern for Twiddle Muffs, which can be created in any colour or variety of shades, can be found on Tamworth Borough Council’s website.

The completed Twiddle Muffs can be handed to staff at the Tourist Information Centre in Marmion House, Lichfield Street, where they will be collected together.  Donations of wool, buttons, ribbons, beads or any other items, which could be used to create and decorate the Twiddle Muffs, will also be gratefully accepted.

The Twiddle Muffs will be distributed during Dementia Awareness Week, which runs from Sunday May 14 to Saturday May 20.  There will be a number of events taking place throughout the week – with more details being revealed closer to the time.

Cllr Andrew James, Lead Member and Chairman of Tamworth’s Dementia Action Alliance steering group, said, “Tamworth Dementia Action Alliance is working towards making Tamworth a dementia friendly town.  This is a great way for the community to help people living with dementia feel supported and make Tamworth a better place for people living with dementia.

“I would encourage anyone who is able to support this campaign by knitting Twiddle Muffs, or to donate things to make them, to take them in to the Tourist Information Centre.  Your help and support will make a real difference to people living with dementia in Tamworth.”

The Twiddle Muffs campaign is just one of the many steps, which the Tamworth Dementia Action Alliance and Tamworth Borough Council are taking in the journey towards achieving dementia friendly status for the borough.

Dementia friendly communities aim to help people with dementia and their carers feel safe, supported and able to remain involved in community life.  There are more than 100 dementia friendly communities in the UK – and Tamworth is well on the way towards joining their ranks and achieving dementia friendly status.

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