Be Aware – Bogus Officials/Distraction Burglaries

Staffordshire Police are urging residents, particularly the elderly and vulnerable, to be on their guard as they continue to receive reports of bogus officials and distraction burglaries across the County.

They are reminding residents to never allow any unsolicited visitors into their home, however convincing they may sound.  Always check the identity of callers first and, if you are unsure, or suspicious about their intent, please contact us immediately on 101 or 999 in an emergency.

Also known as distraction burglars, bogus callers trick their way into people’s homes to steal money and valuables.  They make themselves seem genuine and plausible while your attention is elsewhere.

Examples of this would include bogus officials, people claiming to come from the council, water-board or tradesmen/workmen claiming that the property or garden needs essential/urgent maintenance.

They often work in pairs; one to keep you talking at the front door while the other tries to access your house from a back door or window.  Some might even plead for help, such as asking for a glass of water.

Remember – it’s your home and you can say ‘no’ and ask them to leave.

These types of criminals often target the elderly and vulnerable so they ask that you also remind your relatives, friends and neighbours of the need to be wary of these types of callers.

Staffordshire Police take this type of crime very seriously and are working hard to catch these criminals, which is why it is important that anyone with any information is asked to contact us on 101.

Further information support and guidance can be found on their website.

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